I offer therapeutic services for individuals, couples, and families. I specialize in working with those suffering from anxiety, depression, trauma, grief, sexuality concerns, and life transitional issues. I also offer group therapy services that address specific areas such as relationship challenges, anxiety, eating disorders, and sexual issues. As well, I have substantial experience and comprehensive training in the treatment of both offenders and victims of violent offenses.

My additional experience in working with individuals, families, and groups within the juvenile justice system also affords me the opportunity to support positive changes in the lives of at-risk youths and families. I take pride in using my skills in a graceful and creative manner to address sensitive issues and aid each individual on the path of healing and recovery.

Under the main "Services" tab is a drop-down menu detailing my areas of specialization. The menu categories describe my services in specific areas: Couples/Relationships, Families, Men, Women, Sexuality Issues, Dream Analysis, and EMDR Treatment for trauma and anxiety disorders. As well, information on referrals to other clinicians is also described. A primary goal of my clinical practice is to ensure that those needing psychotherapeutic services find the most beneficial and appropriate assistance available. If you have any questions or concerns, my office phone number and a direct link to my e-mail address are provided in the main "Contact" tab.