Although some individuals do not remember their dreams upon waking, extensive research has confirmed that we all experience dreams. Our dreams often yield important information from the unconscious, information that is often highly relevant to the individual's current life issues. Through this approach, I work with clients to help them better understand the messages contained in their dreams.

The unconscious, as a part of the psyche that contains abundant information, often reveals wise and beneficial guidance in the form of dreams. Dreams can be very important, for the messages in our dreams are often not available to the individual's conscious mind. Certain clients desire dream interpretation and analysis to foster personal insights. Such individuals often find that dream work is highly beneficial in the healing process and furtherance of self-discovery. By tapping into the unconscious mind through dream work, balancing, supportive images and thoughts often arise; this yields vital information that the busy, overly rational mind generally ignores.

Due to my training in depth psychology and focus on Jungian and archetypal psychotherapy, I find that dream work is a wonderful adjunct to traditional psychotherapy. Dream analysis, when used as an supplementary tool in psychotherapy, often offers clients critical insights that promote greater understanding, healing, and wholeness.