As parents age, adult children are finding themselves in the unenviable position of addressing difficult personal issues that affect the well-being of their elderly parents. In addition, as couples age, one spouse often finds that the burden of important decisions is a heavy, confusing, or unwanted weight. Difficult emotions such as anger, fear, and guilt often arise, and family members may even turn against each other. As battles emerge over healthcare decisions, housing, financial matters, and personal care concerns, families often become entrenched in arguments and other unhealthy patterns.

Offering an objective, neutral voice and a supportive forum, I work with family members to assist in sorting through the challenges that arise as a normal part of caring for elders. Making use of positive communication skills and structured guidance, special sessions to mediate such issues are often highly beneficial for aging families in crisis. As we focus on specific concerns and viable solutions, families experience a great sense of relief and resolution as stress and anxiety subside. This type of therapy, often very short-term in nature, brings a welcome sense of understanding and cohesion to those affected by the difficult and trying issues that arise during times of transition. There is no need to struggle alone with these difficult experiences and concerns; professional assistance can make all the difference in handling the highly sensitive and challenging issues that face our aging population.