Many families encounter significant periods of difficulty as natural life transitions occur. It is often difficult for parents to successfully navigate the wide variety of issues and problems that arise as their families grow and change. In a world that is often chaotic and overly stressful, single and married parents alike often feel that they do not have the resources to resolve ever-changing family issues. As our family structures continue to change and broaden, many families face the additionally complex challenges of divorce, extended family issues, and step-family concerns. Parents and children alike often feel overwhelmed and stressed by increasingly intricate family dynamics. Unfortunately, tension, anxiety, and frustration often result, and this leaves family members feeling even more alienated and confused.

My work with families is focused on fostering open and healthy relationship patterns. In a safe and controlled setting, family members are given the opportunity to learn productive behaviors that diminish blame, increase communication, and create positive relationship patterns. Problematic behaviors that add to family dysfunction are addressed, and more productive patterns are discussed and put into action. As the family learns to function as a healthy unit, family members find substantial relief from the concerns and anxieties that led them to seek therapy. Although many families hope that problems will fade if they hide them behind closed doors, professional assistance is often required to successfully heal the underlying issues. Families of all shapes and sizes struggle with life's challenges; you and your family are not alone. Please reach out for support if you are in need.