Sexual crimes are often not reported, and this results in a lack of appropriate treatment for both the victims and perpetrators of sexual offenses. An advocate for the prevention of further sexual offenses, my work focuses on "breaking the silence, healing the wounds, and stopping the violence" associated with these issues. Victims of sexual offenses often suffer as a result of unhealed psychological wounds inflicted by crimes such as incest, molestation, and rape. Due to a lack of treatment and support, victims often feel broken, defective, depressed, and angry; such feelings can remain even decades after the offense.

In working with both victims and offenders, I am adept at addressing a wide variety of issues related to sexual abuse and assault. As a specialist in the area of sexual offenses, it is extremely rewarding to be engaged in wide-reaching efforts to heal victims. In addition, my ongoing efforts with sexual offenders allow me to offer education and therapy in order to bring an end to the cycles that perpetuate sexual crimes. There is no time like the present to begin to address the damage caused by sexual abuse and sexual offenses. If you, or someone you know, is a victim or perpetrator of a sexual offense, please seek professional assistance as soon as possible.