In addressing addictive sexual behaviors, I work with clients to recognize unhealthy thoughts and damaging behavior patterns. As the client's understanding increases, appropriate and satisfactory habits are fostered to replace problematic thoughts and behaviors. This methodology serves to alleviate the symptoms, yet it also remedies the underlying problematic issues. My training in CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy) is well-suited to addressing addictive sexual behaviors. By addressing the problematic patterns of thinking and the beliefs that underlie detrimental thoughts, this type of therapy addresses both the behavioral and emotional components of sexual addictions.

Guilt, dissatisfaction, a sense of emptiness, and increasingly low self-confidence often result from ongoing sexual addictions. As well, intimate personal relationships may be negatively affected by sexually addictive behaviors. It is often difficult to seek assistance for issues of such a private and personal nature, yet treatment can offer a successful resolution. By engaging in therapy that promotes healthy thought patterns and positive interactions, problematic sexual addictions are replaced by more fulfilling behaviors and interactions. As a psychotherapist trained in resolving sexual addictions and related disorders, I offer a safe and confidential treatment environment.