Concerns and struggles with gender identity may arise at various stages in life. Individuals may find that their once-static sexual identity begins to change as they mature. I work with clients to help them explore gender identity issues that are often highly challenging or uncomfortable. Through exploring and understanding the many intricate issues underlying gender identity concerns, individuals come to a greater sense of self-awareness and self-acceptance.

By acknowledging and appreciating one's unique identity, the labels of homosexuality, bi-sexuality, and heterosexuality become free of judgment and prejudices. When negative preconceptions are set aside, an open exploration of the full spectrum of human sexuality becomes possible. As gender identity issues often impact relationships with loved ones, concerns related to family dynamics and partnership issues are often a significant element of the treatment process. Through my accepting and nonjudgmental approach, the treatment of gender identity issues becomes a positive exploration of the many facets of the individual's unique personal identity.