Many individuals and couples struggle unnecessarily with concerns surrounding sexual intimacy. Healthy sexual intimacy is a crucial aspect of relationships, yet there is often a lack of open and honest discussion on this important topic. My work with sexual intimacy focuses on allowing individuals and couples to explore personal beliefs as they affect sexuality. Many times, problematic sexual issues can be resolved by addressing thought patterns and beliefs that inhibit true intimacy.

By encouraging awareness of negative thoughts, beliefs, and emotions, open communication begins to pave the way toward greater intimacy. Frustration and anxiety diminish when partners are able to communicate openly about problems, fears, inhibitions, and desires. Sexual intimacy increases as honest communication allows personal topics to be addressed openly. Relationships prosper when formerly "secret" topics are discussed naturally and honestly. As the discomfort of secrecy and fear dissolves, clients begin to welcome and embrace true sexual intimacy. As a clinician skilled in working with sexual issues, I create an empathic and secure setting in which to address and resolve sexual intimacy concerns.